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Porcelain Fixed Bridges
Lindale, TX

Close up model of a porcelain fixed bridge Nobody ever really expects the sudden or gradual loss of a tooth, and losing a permanent tooth can be admittedly quite terrifying. Not only does it negatively impact your appearance and your self-esteem, but it can also cause problems with your oral health. Your teeth serve an important purpose in your mouth, allowing you to bite and chew with ease. When you lose a tooth, your bite force can be affected. It may start to become painful to eat, as your remaining teeth are working extra hard to pick up the slack.

Furthermore, you may start to lose more teeth as your other teeth start to shift and drift into the opening left behind by your lost tooth. If you have sustained a loss to a permanent tooth, we here at Ruther Family Dentistry can help you restore both your smile and your confidence with a fixed porcelain bridge.

What Do I Need to Know about Porcelain Crowns and Bridges?

When you lose a tooth, you are probably thinking about how it is going to impact the appearance of your smile. Your concern is a valid one, and that is one of the main reasons we like to offer fixed porcelain bridges to our patients. Not only are they durable and effective at restoring a missing tooth, they resemble real teeth, giving you a natural-looking replacement option for your lost tooth. Porcelain is strong and durable, too, and resistant to chipping or breaking.

A porcelain fixed bridge is a dental appliance that works by serving as a prosthetic for a missing tooth. It is comprised of the restoration itself, which is called a pontic, and the two anchor crowns on each side. The crowns fit securely over your real tooth, helping to support the bridge. The process for getting this procedure is both easy and straightforward. We will start by taking a close look at the affected site during your consultation and determine if you are a good candidate. We may also take X-rays during this initial appointment.

We typically require two appointments to fit your porcelain bridge, though some patients may require more appointments to ensure a good fit. The first appointment involves preparing your teeth for the porcelain bridge and crowns. We will carefully remove a small amount of your dental enamel from the teeth that will be supporting the bridge to help ensure the crown will fit securely over it. Next, we will take impressions of your teeth to send to our dental laboratory.

They will make your restoration, which can take up to two weeks. In the meanwhile, we will fit you with a temporary bridge. When your permanent bridge returns from our lab, we will call you in for your second appointment. That is when we will make sure we are satisfied with the fit of your porcelain bridge and crowns. If we are, we will then securely attach it with dental cement.

How It Can Help

Getting a fixed porcelain bridge can greatly improve your quality of life. Not only will it make eating and chewing a breeze, but it can also help prevent your face from taking on a prematurely aged, sagging appearance. We strongly recommend this procedure to many of our patients for its many benefits!

To learn more about porcelain crowns or bridges, or to set up an appointment with us here at Ruther Family Dentistry, please give us a call here at (513) 489-5599 today!

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