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Emergency Dentistry
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Rendering of tooth on emergency kit at Ruther Family Dentistry in Cincinnati, OHRuther Family Dentistry prioritizes getting patients in as soon as possible, whether it's for an accident-related traumatic injury, tooth abscess, a gum infection, a missing filling, or a cosmetic tooth chip, to ensure patients' continuous health.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is an essential service that all dental clinics don't provide. A sudden toothache can be a harrowing experience. The pain can make it difficult for you to visit your local dentist, who can treat the issue. This is where emergency dentistry comes in, where tooth extraction is the only solution.

Extracting the tooth is the best way to stop bleeding, manage discomfort, and prevent further damage to your oral health.

What additional symptoms, besides intense pain, point to the need for an urgent trip to the dental office? Here is a quick list of situations that call for urgent dental care:
•  Sharp dental pain
•  Toothache that is excruciating
•  Inflammation in the gums or elsewhere near the tooth
•  Bruised, red gums
•  Generalized, difficult-to-localize mouth discomfort

Nobody ever wants to get their tooth pulled in a hurry. However, there are situations when it's the sole option for pain relief and regaining oral health. The majority of the time, a dentist will try their utmost to preserve a tooth, but unfortunately, a tooth might get so severely injured that saving it is impossible.

Emergency Dentistry - Fillings

Emergency dentistry doesn't just include tooth extractions. Sometimes, a temporary filling is done to repair a damaged tooth for the time being. Since these fillings are only semi-permanent, you will need to make a second appointment with the dentist to get the temporary filling removed and substituted with a permanent one.

Dentists occasionally use temporary fillings. In some cases, placing a temporary filling takes less time than placing a permanent one. Therefore, if your dentist does not have enough time to place a permanent filling and you have a cavity that is giving you stabbing pain, emergency dentistry will be performed in the form of a temporary filling.

Temporary fillings are used for:
•  Dental crown caps
•  To calm painful and sensitive nerves
•  As a temporary sealant after root canal

Emergency Dentistry - Pain Relief

Every normal function, like sleeping, chewing, and even talking, can become painful with a toothache. Luckily, emergency dentistry also caters to emergency pain relief.

A fractured, damaged, or abscessed tooth is the most frequent cause of sudden toothache.

Additional factors include:
•  Injury to the face
•  Impacted teeth within your jaw (particularly wisdom teeth)
•  Tooth sensitivity from teeth grinding, sinusitis, or gum disease

Emergency Dentistry - Same Day Dental Extractions

If you are in need of a dental extraction, call us today and receive a same day appointment.

You should schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately because most causes of unexpected tooth pain are simple to address. In the interim, you can attempt a few treatment measures like painkillers or home remedies, to get some short-term pain relief.
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